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This documentation is for an older version. Go to the newest Eleventy docs or check out the full release history.

Documentation Pages

Starter Projects #

  1. eleventy-base-blog How to build a blog web site with Eleventy.
  2. eleventyone is an Eleventy scaffold project created by the legendary Phil Hawksworth. Makes use of gulp with Eleventy and Sass.

Sites Built with Eleventy #

Name Demo Source Description
Eleventy, the web site Demo Source DemoSourceSpoiler alert: it’s this web site.
Zach Leatherman Demo Source DemoSourceA 10+ years-running blog about web development.
fontspeed Demo Source DemoSourceA newsletter about loading your web fonts.
Jamstack Comments Engine Demo Source DemoSourceAn example of a comments engine you could add to any JAMstack site hosted on Netlify.
Wilto Makes Food Demo Source DemoSourceThe professional cooking site of Mat Marquis.
NEJS CONF 2018 Demo Source DemoSourceA single day, single track Web Development conference.
Mannah Foundation Demo DemoEmpowering individuals to make great changes.
Alex Carpenter Demo Source DemoSourceFront-end Web Developer
Heydon Pickering’s Inclusive Web Design Checklist, converted to use eleventy Source SourceThe original project took a JSON file and converted it HTML with some one-off JavaScript. This uses eleventy to transform the data using a nunjucks template, resulting in a cleaner, templated setup.
Netlify Templates Demo Source DemoSourceThis is a board with templates for static site generators and boilerplates.

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